Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 2 Canneto

Morning view walking from Picinisco to Canneto

Departure: Picinisco – 8:00 am
Arrival: Canneto
Weather: Rainy
Distance of the day: 12,5 Km
Progressive km: 57,7

Moving Time: 2h 39m
Elevation gain: 1.011 mt

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go.
(Joshua 1, 9)

Inside the Sanctuary

[…] During the night I woke up several times, the perplexity in my head brought to mind an old proverb. Between saying, planning and doing, that is putting into practice, there was really that famous sea. The first day of walking was very tiresome, I had been for more than two hours under the lash of prohibitive weather conditions for walking, and the rain had even made its way through my raincoat. I quickly learned how important it is to stay dry, if you are too wet before you can leave you will have to dry out, or you will walk uncomfortably, or even worse you may get sick. I had also read about how important it was in the past to wear a cape for pilgrims and travelers, but it was only on that frigid night that I understood its vital importance. If during the night frost you do not sleep sufficiently insulated from the humid ground, your body temperature can drop to the point of death. […]

The story of Day 2 continues in the book

Gpx Track Day 2

Total distance: 8.22 mi
Max elevation: 3547 ft
Min elevation: 2142 ft
Total climbing: 5836 ft
Total descent: -4614 ft
Average speed: 1.78 m/s
Total time: 05:42:43

Videos Day 2

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