Believe in yourself: keep pushing, every answer is inside you

It’s not bad at all to feel misunderstood. Pythagoras was misunderstood, Socrates, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Copernicus, Galileo, many great men and women who changed history possessed such a great Spirit that they were destined to be just as greatly misunderstood. But to have self-confidence when all the circumstances around us seem to prove the opposite is by no means a simple thing, and if everyone really trusted in their own value they would also be able to give themselves the answers to the great questions that lies within us. The goal is to discover who we are, to find out what we really care about, what kind of person we want to be and what kind of legacy we want to leave behind us. Man was born in this special condition, but special powers bring special responsibilities, the problem is that no one is born with a complete awareness of what we will be, so the trap most people fall into is to look around and conform to the rest of society. This is what kills the individual and prevents society from growing and evolving.

We’re all so beautifully different

It is really funny, or rather very sad, to learn how much longer in 2020 some people still see diversity as a threat. Ethnicity, origin, skin color, religion, in every form being different is instead a key factor for evolution, because only the comparison and respect for diversity leads to a consequential and inevitable growth. The death of the soul, on the other hand, is determined by the moment in which one loses this will to grow, one closes oneself to change thinking mainly about judging others instead of oneself first.

Nobody is going to waste their life needlessly and without understanding what needs to be done, but this is of course not an easy thing. Only by understanding the importance of really being oneself can you get out of the “pack” and find your own personal way. The love for wisdom leads one to know oneself first of all, so it is not only about being able to live wisely, but that knowledge is what every individual needs in order to complete himself, to understand the purpose of his existence. But men’s goals and missions are as varied as their lives. Advances in science and philosophy show that what we call objective truth is impossible to define, so only self-confidence will lead to one’s own personal truth, the understanding of what one is called to do in order to feel truly alive. Inside each one of us there is a sort of unique genius, each individual understands within himself the essence of GOD defined as רוח (ruach) or Spirit (Gn 2, 7), we possess within us the infinite, it is enough to trust in our own thought, in our own Soul, in ourselves. It doesn’t matter if our vocation will be in science, in philosophy, simply in raising our children, or maybe in being able to give people a smile. Every vocation that satisfies the soul will be the right one for us, it can also be that of engaging in a work that gratifies, or doing voluntary work for the needy, and it is not said at all that this vocation will always remain the same. This is what is called evolving and growing, what we should all commit ourselves to, not in reaching the objective truth about the way things are, but a personal truth.

The truth is ours and no other’, in which the only people who can influence it are the people we really care about, excluding the judgment of society from our lives. We have more than we need to get there. If we don’t feel fulfilled, if we don’t have a proper sense of self-esteem and think that something can lead us to that gratification, then we have to rely on and do what we feel like doing, the solution to the problem lies within us. But we must avoid making the mistake of looking outside ourselves for the answers to what is happening inside of us. As long as we live a life that corresponds to our conscience and our beliefs about things, then nothing can really worry us. We defend what we believe in, we must insist, there is an inherent goodness in people and nature, we must believe in ourselves.