Too many books, so little time…


Learning using electronic technologies. The times when having access to knowledge was a privilege reserved for a limited number of people are now behind us. Today online learning is the future of education, e-learning is improving the world, and technology is providing the masses with access to the information that was previously available only to a privileged few. Today’s students need appropriate learning support for their personal and social situations and contexts. Regardless of age, social background and nationality, everyone has the right to access the education and information they need, and mobile devices today are the technology par excellence to support this new form of learning.

We should be able to make the most of these new technologies to ensure free, non-traditional, affordable and eco-sustainable education. An enormous contribution for everybody, not as a substitute for schools and governments, but rather combined with the classical instututions for learning as they face the hard task of preparing men and women for the upcoming revolutionary future.And in this session the ASH Study Hall seeks to make its own small contribution in this regard.

"All living beings are different manifestations of a single universal substance; they derive from the same metaphysical root, and their difference is quantitative, not qualitative."
(Giordano Bruno)

"Whatever historical event, no matter how bad it may be, is always set on a path to the positive, it always has constructive meaning."
(Augustine of Hippo)

"Make a choice of good authors and be content with them to feed on their genius if you want to draw lessons from them. Wanting to be everywhere is like being nowhere. "So if you can't read all the books you can have, be glad you have the ones you can read."
(Lucius Anneus Seneca)

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In this session ASH tries to reproduce an online library, sharing some texts considered important for education on the topics of theology, philosophy, history, geography, languages, politics, news and sociology. The session is constantly updated with new PDFs, documents, e-books, audiobooks, and much more, providing when possible also a brief overview of the work, with descriptions and significant passages in order to summarize its contents.