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The wellbeing, the peace and the security of humankind will be impossible to achieve until its unity is firmly established.
The wellbeing, the peace and the security of humankind will be impossible to achieve until its unity is firmly established.

“The Rule,” “Regula Monacorum” (Benedict of Norcia) Ch. 4 Vv. 1-15

ASH (Abrahamic Study Hall) In primis claim that GOD, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, even if “embracing” everything in the Universe, is One and Only.
Mankind, generated in the image of GOD (Genesis 1, 26), is part of the Work of the Creator, and each believer, having been infused with GOD’s Spirit (Genesis 2, 7), can therefore be considered a reflection of the Creator.
Those who demonstrate themselves worthy children of the Father, are able to emanate into Creation the Light of the Creator, who is the center, and the origin of the cosmic Universe.
Whatever earthly name one decides to attach to the otherworldly Creator, it does not fundamentally matter, for what really matters will be to operate for the good, or for the evil. The Creator has been called in different ways over the millennia, depending on one’s belief or tradition, and even to Moses’ question in the Biblical Text GOD answers:

13 “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them: The GOD of your fathers has sent me to you, and they will ask me: What is His Name? Then what shall I tell them?” 14 GOD said to Moses: “I Am who I Am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I-AM has sent me to you.”
(Exodus 3, 13-14)

We cannot describe GOD with human attributes, but today we are closer and closer to understand which human attributes make us truly children of the living GOD and therefore close to the divinity. The concept of GOD is not so difficult to understand, it must be researched and then constantly pursued as a healthy and balanced lifestyle. He is in everything, when the wind blows on our faces, we breathe GOD, when we feel the warmth of an hug from a person who loves us, we feel GOD, and when we read the Holy Scriptures, we are listening to GOD.

“We must understand religion and philosophy within an ethical perspective, as wisdom and research of how to lead a wise life.”

The resources allocated in this Study Hall are not only intended for believers in the Abrahamic religions, but also for all those who wish to expand their knowledge in spirituality. We are moved by the belief that one day all the different streams of thought, encompassing philosophies and religions under a common ethos of wisdom and research on how to lead a righteous life, may unite. This cooperation aims at achieving the one and only true purpose of life: an era era of peace and brotherhood for everyone.
he complete well-being of humanity will remain an unattainable goal until true unity among us is established. At the end of our days, we will not be judged by the religion we have professed, but by the deeds we have done and the good we have left in the spirit of those who will live after us. We are called to continually improve ourselves, seeking to repair the mistakes made by our ancestors and taking advantage of the legacy of experience and knowledge they left us. Their spirits live in us and urge us to seek our own personal truth, free from limiting traditions and superstitions. The only way to achieve this is through knowledge, for a lifestyle based on it leads to true satisfaction and inner peace, inherently rewarding those who pursue it.

“The way of life that aims at or is based on knowledge, produces true sodisfaction and tranquility of the Soul.”

We must therefore set aside all forms of religious, social and racial prejudice, because we are all so magnificently different and so incredibly all important in achieving this goal. No one will be left behind, the extremes of wealth and poverty will more and more reducing, the rich by his own free desire will understand that that excess, “beyond need”, although initially it may seem good, in the long run it will mainly damage him and his descendants. Wiser instead will invest one’s excess assets in people, and not in things, to help those most in need who, by their side, will work conscientiously to pay off their debt, without being burdened by interest. The only interest must be to ensure everyone’s happiness, to live in a healthy, eco-sustainable world, to consider every creature indispensable for our own happy existence in this short passage that is life. All this seems like a dream and simple utopia, but if we see the progress made in recent decades we understand that all this is really possible, we just have to believe in it, engage in the study of whatever is constructive for us, put aside more and more the vices that ruin our body and our spirit, and engage in helping to build a society based on an economy that is not based on growth (GDP), but a socially balanced one.
An economy can only benefit society when all these social foundations are reached without exceeding one of the nine ecological limits.
The nine social foundations are:

  1. Food safety (guaranteeing food to feed anyone on Earth)
  2. Water (ensure a certain amount of drinking and washing water for everyone)
  3. Housing (guaranteeing housing, even if small and shared for everyone without cost)
  4. Health (offer basic medical care for every human being)
  5. Education (offer a primary education for anyone and free)
  6. Income and work (every kind of real and continuous commitmentmust must be offered and remunerated. Even categories that are often not considered, such as housework, raising an infant, assist an elderly person, a sick person, etc.)
  7. Peace and justice (two fundamental elements that cannot be a privilege of some people)
  8. Political voice (everyone’s right to think freely and express their opinions, the foundation of civil coexistence)
  9. Gender equality (we are all the same regardless of gender or sexual orientation)

While the nine ecological limits are:

  1. Climate change: man-made greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane that cause the Earth to overheat.
  2. Ocean acidification: when the carbon dioxide emitted by man is absorbed by the oceans, making water more acidic. This reduces the capacity of marine life, for example.
  3. Chemical pollution: the release of toxic materials in nature reduces biodiversity and lowers the fertility of animals (including humans).
  4. Nitrogen and phosphorus pollution: the inefficient or excessive use of fertilizers leads the fertilizer to flow into water bodies, where it causes algae blooms that kill underwater life.
  5. Freshwater withdrawals: the use of too much fresh water drains the source, which can damage the ecosystem and then be unusable.
  6. Land conversion: Converting land into economic activities (such as creating roads and farmland) damages or removes habitat for wildlife.
  7. Loss of biodiversity: economic activity can cause a reduction in the number and variety of species. This makes ecosystems more vulnerable and can reduce their ability to sustain life.
  8. Air pollution: the emission of aerosols (small particles) has a negative impact on the health of the species, and can also affect precipitation and cloud formation.
  9. Ozone layer depletion: some economic activities emit gases that damage the Earth’s ozone layer. Since the ozone layer protects the Earth from harmful radiation, its depletion causes, for example, animal skin cancer.

“Love, knowledge, freedom and peace are intimately connected: just as the human being who devotes himself to knowledge succeeds in freeing himself from passions and attains tranquility of Soul, so the societies in which we operate, if they are regulated according to the principles of right reason and ethics, will find themselves nations devoted to goodness and peace.”

We must show love towards GOD and the Creation, we must imitate Him because He is Love in His purest form, otherwise He would not have created us if not out of pure and simple love.
Love is the most sublime of feelings that a human being can perceive, and it must therefore be directed primarily towards GOD: the CREATOR, His Laws handed down through the tradition of the Holy Scriptures. This consequently will also lead us to have more love for ourselves and our Spirit, increasing our empathy towards the rest of Creation. Our “neighbors” are the human beings closest to us: our family, friends, the people we socialize with, our community, and the rest of the world around us, including the whole nature and animals. Love, knowledge, freedom and peace are intimately connected: just as the human being who devotes himself to knowledge succeeds in freeing himself from pasions and attains tranquility of Soul, so the societies in which we operate, if they are regulated according to the principles of right reason and ethics, will find themselves nations devoted to goodness and peace.

If you really want to change the World, you must first change yourself, and following the Golden Rule Is the only big step to take. A key precept that apparently seems to have been issued to help others, but actually benefits us personally, enhancing our own happiness and health through those who are close to us during our incredible journey on Earth:

“What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Torah [Law]; the rest is the explanation; go and learn.”
(Babylonian Talmud, Shabbath folio:31a)

Abrahamic Study Hall believes that GOD envisions a purpose in everyone’s life, and if one wants to find it, it needs only to begin this search. A Study Hall is a place for research and learning, for sharing liberally, and never for profit. We are all brothers and sisters in GOD, even if we have different opinions, languages, traditions, and ethnicity, but if we think that way, we must also show it through unity. In this “virtual community” of ASH we are thereby trying to connect to help each other to improve.

Regula Monacorum

Above all, you should love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength; then you should love your neighbor as yourself

Benedictine Rule IV, 1-2

Hear, O Israel: the LORD our GOD, the LORD is One. You will love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, all your soul and all your might.

Deuteronomy 6, 4-5

We believe in GOD that has been revealed to us, and in what has been revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the tribes, and what has been revealed to Moses and Jesus.

Qu'ran, Al-Baqarah 2 136-137

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In today’s World Truth is getting lost and with the help of technology, if used properly, we can be facilitated in this incessant search for Knowledge, a principle of vital importance for man’s survival and evolution. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are three “brothers” united by the same FATHER, those three Abrahamic Religions today are the biggest “community” in the World, counting around 3.5 billion people spread widely. Monotheistic beliefs that tracing their common descent to the patriarch Abraham, with most of their Holy Scriptures and traditions in common. ASH is a Study Hall that allows “virtual students” to find informations about their Religious Beliefs, but also the History, Politics and Philosophy related to them.

“If you strive for Knowledge, the first stage is silence, the second listening, the third reminiscence, the fourth practicing, the fifth teaching.”
(Solomon Ibn Gabriol)

ASH believes that Knowledge (philosophía or the love of wisdom”) is the best way that will lead (GOD willing) to the World Peace, and that means happiness for others, directly related to our own personal prosperity and peace of mind. ASH’s mission is only for purpose of personal study and research, and  apologize in advance with any brother and sister out there in the World that could feel offended by any of our topics, posts, pages, statements and any single word we use in this Study Hall.
Please feel free to reach out anytime for clarifications:

“If I said something wrong,” Jesus replied, “testify as to what is wrong.
But if I spoke the Truth, why did you strike me?”
(Jn 18,23)

A Study Hall by definition is a schoolroom used for study, but also to meet with other students and be able to have a discussion, so a place where you can search or ask what you looking for. At the beginning ASH was born mainly as a “cloud” space to store informations and researches, sometimes even from other honorable websites, but later on it was used more and more to share researches, studies, thoughts and connect people who are interested in a primary main topic: spirituality. A search for spiritual growth intended as being able to understand how to improve the relationship with one’s inner being, recognizing yourselves as a sons of a Supreme Being. Abrahamic Study Hall deliberately does not include banners or advertisements mainly because the purpose is not to earn material income, but rather to invest in knowledge, but also not to distract the reader’s attention. Of course the production of posts, pages and translations is expensive, but ASH counts on external donations by anyone who wants to get in touch and better understand how this world works and the next Abrahamic Study Hall’s goals. An appreciated contribution can also be simply a greeting email, sharing an interesting e-book or a relevant text, a positive thought, or any other form of purposeful collaboration.

You can do things I cannot
and also I can do things you cannot,
but together we can do great things.


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