In this virtual congregation that is Abrahamic Study Hall, made up of minds and hearts, but mostly spirits united by faith in goodness and in the One GOD, Creator of the Universe, we continue to work to quench our thirst for knowledge. Yet, once in a while, even acknowledging some merit is good and gives strength to continue. On this page, we take a moment to pay tribute to those who, with generosity and vision, support our mission. The benefactors of Abrahamic Study Hall are not mere donors; they are cornerstones of a community that aspires to a world enlightened by mutual aid and divine love. Through their support, we seek to help spread our studies, the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures we attempt to interpret, to all who seek Truth, promoting dialogue and cooperation between the different Abrahamic traditions. Each coat of arms displayed here not only represents a family, but symbolizes an eternal connection to the highest values of humanity. With gratitude, we do not celebrate our benefactors here, as praise and celebrations are reserved exclusively for GOD; but it is an honor for ASH to give recognition to people who believe in love, friendship, peace, knowledge, and all praiseworthy spiritual values handed down through the centuries.


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