The most enjoyable feeling? Inner peace
The best welcoming? A smile.
The best medicine? Optimism
The greatest satisfaction? The duty accomplished
The greatest strength? Faith
The most beautiful thing in the world? Love.
(Mother Teresa)
Statue of Mother Teresa
Jerusalem's Cross
Holy Scriptures
Table of Contents Le strane coincidenze tra Mithra e GesùVittoria di Cristo sul dio paganoA Roma One of the most important Christian Holyday is Christmas, the day that remember the birth of Jesus the Nazarene. The night between 24th and 25th December has been used conventionally (about 300 years after
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Table of Contents OriginSituation in EuropeSituation in the Middle EastHistoriographyCouncil of ClermontRecruitmentPeople’s CrusadeAttacks on Jews in the RhinelandPrinces’ CrusadeSiege of NicaeaBattle of DorylaeumSiege of AntiochContinued march to JerusalemSiege of JerusalemMassacreEstablishment of the Kingdom of JerusalemBattle of AscalonCrusade of 1101Aftermath The First Crusade (1095–1099) was the first of a number of
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7 most relevant Gospel and New Testament translation errors
Table of Contents The 7 most important translation errors in the New Testament1) Jesus the Nazarene not “from” Nazareth2) The young woman from the Book of Isaiah3) Jesus GOD’s son, but not the Most High GOD4) No one has ever seen GOD5) Agape and Caritas, Love or Charity?6) The rope
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Abrahamic Religions counts 3.4 billion believers in today’s World (more then 50% of the entire population) and are spread widely around the World apart from the regions around East and Southeast Asia. Those monotheistic religions of West Asian origin, emphasizing and tracing their common origin to the Patriarch Abraham and
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Jesus the Nazarene, not “from” Nazareth
Table of Contents Nazir, Nazirite and NazareneGamla’s HypothesisThe discovery of GamalaBibliography The Gospel according to Matthew is the oldest text of the New Testament translated directly from Aramaic (the language spoken in Galilee at the time of Jesus) to modern times. The translation of the Septuagint (LXX) into Classical Greek,
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