Proclamation of Gratitude in the Third Millennium
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In the quiet progression of our lives, as time weaves its vast mosaic, the Divine is constantly sending messages to humanity, guiding souls like ours as they traverse the intricate workings of the Third Millennium.

Children of this present rapidly becoming future, inhabitants of the digital age, we inhabit a world rich in progress and potential. Yet, at times, we find ourselves adrift in a sea of dissatisfaction, but our ancestors still light our path. Please read the following and ponder WHY we should all REMEMBER daily to be more grateful.

We should never forget that…

1. It was the Almighty who infused life into us, who created the vastness of the cosmos and the complexity of the atom. To appreciate our blessings is to acknowledge the Creator’s boundless love and mercy. We are alive! Let us enjoy it despite ALL the complexities: WE ARE ALIVE!

2. Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden not because of lack of blessings, but because craving in desiring what they did not possesses. In our quest for more, let us not neglect the Eden that surrounds us. For in every moment of satisfaction we catch a glimpse of paradise. REMEMBER that until a few decades ago we suffered hunger, cold and injustice MUCH more than we do today! Let us be thankful.

3. Let us reflect on the story of Solomon who, despite his immense wealth and wisdom, understood the ephemeral nature of earthly treasures. In this age, the allure of technology and abundance may blur the line between the ephemeral and the eternal. True wealth, however, lies not in your possessions but in the gratitude with which you regard them.

4. Job’s tribulations remind us that life’s difficulties are only tests of faith and endurance, which serve to strengthen the righteous. Focusing on what we lack or suffer can diminish our resilience, and our perseverance. It thus becomes apparent that our perspective succeeds in shaping our reality. By shifting our gaze from loss and grief to gratitude (because we ALWAYS have things of great value that we do not worthily appreciate: a roof? food to feed ourselves? A loved one?…) and personal growth, it not only makes us endure the “dark night” and leads us “to the dawn,” but makes us thrive, finding deeper meaning in the difficulties we face.

5. Let us reflect on the grueling journey of Moses and the Israelites. Although they witnessed divine wonders, some regretted the luxuries of Egypt compared to the prospect of the Promised Land. Similarly, in our age, illusions can divert us from the path of gratitude. Rooted in faith and discernment, recognizing the transitory nature of worldly desires helps to LIVE WELL!

6. Jesus, with his deep understanding and vision, proclaimed, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Do not bind your heart to the unstable sands of dissatisfaction. Fix it to gratitude and it will align with divine love.

7. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) declared, “Whoever does not thank people, does not thank GOD.” Realize that gratitude nurtures unity; in cherishing blessings, we draw closer to each other and to the Divine.


So, O Heirs of Time, as we go through this great age, let us heed the age-old wisdom of the Holy Scriptures. For while the world transforms, the core of the soul remains the same. In gratitude, one discerns direction. In contentment, one discovers serenity. And in cherishing one’s blessings, one experiences the timeless embrace of our Creator.

May this statement guide all hearts that stumble upon it toward truth, tranquility and the boundless love of the Divine. Amen.








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