Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 65

The further I walked away from the city to the suburbs, the more the discrepancy between opulent wealth and indigent poverty led to an inconceivable coexistence

Departure: Idealtepe (Turkey) – 08:19 am
Arrival: Ornek Koi
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 38,86 Km
Progressive km: 1855,0

Moving Time: 6h 47m
Elevation gain:  484 mt

The heaven is Yours, even the earth is Yours, the inhabited earth and the fullness thereof You founded them. North and south You created them, Tabor and Hermon sing praises in Your name.
(Psalm 89, 11-12)



The story of day 65 continues in the book




The Ozman Gazi bridge was not accessible on foot, so I had to embark for a short boat crossing from side to side

Gpx Track Day 65

Total distance: 39.37 mi
Max elevation: 1072 ft
Min elevation: -3 ft
Total climbing: 1770 ft
Total descent: -1486 ft
Average speed: 1.63 m/s
Total time: 09:57:43

Photo and Video contents of Day 65 available on the e-book

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