Bible for kids ¡

Bible for kids¡ is a project by Abrahamic Study Hall focused on spreading the Word of GOD even among the youngest children. A Bible for children and youth, which like a new member of the family enters the homes of the youngest in the form of a storytelling, yet maintains the great teachings that the Holy Scriptures offer.

Through recounting the adventures of our ancestors, children explore the great stories of the Bible in a rich experience designed to encourage children and teens into the love of GOD’s Word, with the hope that this great source of happiness and knowledge will enlighten them throughout their entire lives.

Each chapter will create an environment in which it will be easier to understand even the most complex concepts and stories of the Bible, and when necessary, additional commentary will be added at the end of the Texts.
Colorful illustrations, engaging content, and some fun episodes will be recreated to help children remember what they learn.

For Kids
Old Testament
GOD's Covenant with humankind
Other Old Testament Books
To be continue...
The Gospel
Jesus' preaching
The Qun'ran
Mohammed' preaching