Netzach: The Eternity

Netzach (in Hebrew: נצח “eternity”) is the seventh of ten Sefirot and is located under Chesed (“mercy”), at the base of the “Pillar of Mercy” to which also Chochmah (“wisdom”) belongs. Netzach generally translates into “eternity” but in the context of the Kabbalah this concept is also understood with Victory and Triumph (over death), both names of Netzach. It is a victory in the sense of perpetuity, and its additional appellative is in fact firmness, the idea of an energy that persists.

Netzach (נצח) also means the concept of a great force of resistance, or suffering until the accomplishment of an important goal, and can be identified in patience (like the sublime one of Job). This term appears eight times in the Holy Scriptures and the derivatives of this trilectal root נצח from the mother root נח appear more than forty times in the Hebrew text.

(1 Samuel 15, 29) וְגַם֙ נֵ֣צַח יִשְׂרׂרָאֵ֔ל לֹ֥א “Even the strength (נצח) of Israel is not…”.

(Job 34, 36) אִיּ֣וֹב עַד- נֶ֑צַח עַל- תְּ֝שֹֻ֗ת “I ask [that] the work be tried to the limit (נצח); he will return over the men of doom.

(Psalm 13, 1 יְ֭הוָה תִּשְׁכָּחֵ֣נעַדִי נֶ֑צּח- אָ֓נָה “LORD, continuously (נצח) [Will you] forget [about me]? Until when?”

(Jeremiah 15, 18a) הָיָ֤ה כְאֵבִי֙ נֶ֔צַח וּמַכָּתִ֖י אֲנוּשָׁ֑ה֙ “Why has my suffering been endless (נצח)?”

(Amos 1, 11c) וְעֶבְרָת֖וֹ שְׁמָ֥רָה נֶֽצ׃ “and nurtured his grudge forever (ַח).”


Netzach is geometrically in front of Hod, this coupling constitutes the third group, which marks a “turning point”. While the first two groups of sefirots deal with God’s intrinsic will and what He wishes to give to man, these sefirots are primarily aimed at man.

Netzach is the “resistance”, the strength of mind and patience to follow one’s passions and is attributed to the right leg.

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