PELLEGRINAGGIO (hard copy book in Italian)


Book PELLEGRINAGGIO (only in Italian):
Pensieri da Cassino a Gerusalemme

English version to be released in June 2023

Format: Hard Copy
ISBN: 979-12-210-2344-2

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PELLEGRINAGGIO: Pensieri da Cassino a Gerusalemme

Hard copy book (460 pages)

Language: Italian (available in English on June 2023)

If we wish that our future will be better than the past recounted, then we must be committed to writing our present differently. The challenge is not only to find the master road, but more important to follow it courageously: this is what makes an existence truly worth living. Yet, often, the multitude of commitments and concerns that burden our daily lives distract us from our primary purpose, which is to understand what place we occupy in GOD’s eternal Creation.   

With theology as direction, history as counselor, and philosophy as companion, I vowed to travel to Jerusalem on foot and without money. A journey that represented one of the most rational parts of my “digging and investigating,” two thousand eight hundred and five kilometers of thoughts, in a pilgrimage walking for ninety-four days. That “proceeding” allowed me to picture myself in a different and better future, in which every lie will have been eliminated, finding us all in total symbiosis with the people who “move” alongside us, together with every other living being in the environment around us.


It was to fulfill a vow that, on an early September morning, I moved my first step as a pilgrim in the direction of Jerusalem. The Bible declares it clearly, refraining from making promises to GOD is not a sin, but it will be in case we do not honor a voluntarily made commitment.
There came a point in my life when questions broke out from the profund that needed clear answers, and I sought them in faith. What is the ultimate goal of this succession of our existences on earth? Is happiness a place that can be reached or only a road to be traveled? How high are we allowed to elevate? I kept these and other reflections in my Spirit, and vowing to arrive in Jerusalem on foot, without money, was my way of sacrificing the asset I consider most precious in everyone’s life, one’s time.
It is part of the universal law of balance: when you prepare to subtract from your life, you are actually also setting yourself up to receive. The same amount of sacrifice will inevitably be matched by just as much favor. I also remained convinced that investigating the past would help me along my way in the present, because after all, each of us more generally is a reflection of the entire existence of humankind. We are today the product of what every living person has ever been, and together with them we will also be every thing they will become. The existential questions of yesterday, still remain fuel for our modern engines, called upon to operate ever more efficiently…

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