Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 93 Ein Karem

The very ancient Christian Latrun’s monastery that hosted me

Departure: Latrun (Israel) 09:21 am
Arrival: Ein Karem
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 31,39 Km
Progressive km: 2760,8

Moving Time: 5h 41m
Elevation gain:  1084 mt

Do not say “When I free myself of my concerns, I will study,” for perhaps you will never free yourself. Do not say: “When I am free, I will study”; perhaps you will never be free.
(Pirkei Avot 2, 4)

The trail that crosses the mountains before Jerusalem



The story of day 93 continues in the book





Gpx Track Day 93

Total distance: 19.61 mi
Max elevation: 2481 ft
Min elevation: 610 ft
Total climbing: 3766 ft
Total descent: -2328 ft
Average speed: 1.59 m/s
Total time: 06:40:32

Photo and Video contents of Day 93 available on the e-book

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