Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 93 Ein Karem

The very ancient Christian Latrun’s monastery that hosted me

Departure: Latrun (Israel) 09:21 am
Arrival: Ein Karem
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 31,39 Km
Progressive km: 2760,8

Moving Time: 5h 41m
Elevation gain:  1084 mt

Do not say “When I free myself of my concerns, I will study,” for perhaps you will never free yourself. Do not say: “When I am free, I will study”; perhaps you will never be free.
(Pirkei Avot 2, 4)

[…] I decided to shorten my route by leaving the asphalt and continuing along the path that unfolds across the heights that like a natural wall protecting the Holy City. Along the uphill path I had the pleasure of being stopped by a kind gentleman named Kent who immediately introduced himself and welcomed me into his land, telling me the unbelievable story of his village. I entered the territory of the Oasis of Peace, this in fact meant Neve Shalom, a mixed community of Jews and Arabs living peacefully together. Located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the community had been founded in the land of the monastery of Latrun that I had just left. A model of religious tolerance and mutual respect that challenges existing models of racism and discrimination that fuel the unsolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict. […]

The trail that crosses the mountains before Jerusalem




The story of day 93 continues in the book




Gpx Track Day 93

Total distance: 19.61 mi
Max elevation: 2481 ft
Min elevation: 610 ft
Total climbing: 3766 ft
Total descent: -2328 ft
Average speed: 1.59 m/s
Total time: 06:40:32

Photo and Video contents of Day 93 available on the e-book

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