Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 88 Girne

Departure: Tasucu (Turkey) – 09:29 am
Arrival: Girne (Cyprus)
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 6,43 Km
Progressive km: 2616,7

Moving Time: 1h 07m
Elevation gain:  58 mt

If there is any meaning in the holy books, it is this: “Whatever is good for you, grant it to others too”
(Yunus Emre)

[…] The ship docked at the port of Girne and I found myself in a Cyprus I never expected. It was late December, but the climate of that place was still so hot and the city so active in tourism. At the same time that I stepped on the dry land I decided to stay on the island longer than I planned, I wanted to recover as much energy as possible and of course have the opportunity to visit the historical city. I could have easily crossed the border between the Turkish and the Greek part of Cyprus in a single day’s walk, but I was in no hurry, although thank GOD I had kept myself healthy and strong in spirit and body, now that the money from the offers allowed me to do so I wanted to rent a room to stay another extra day in that city. […]



The story of day 88 continues in the book



Gpx Track Day 88

Total distance: 3.98 mi
Max elevation: 135 ft
Min elevation: 7 ft
Total climbing: 264 ft
Total descent: -202 ft
Average speed: 1.77 m/s
Total time: 03:19:27

Photo and Video contents of Day 88 available on the e-book

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