Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 87 Tasucu

Departure: Kemenli (Turkey) – 07:55 am
Arrival: Tasucu
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 65,27 Km
Progressive km: 2610,3

Moving Time: 11h 32m
Elevation gain:  960 mt

Peace at Home, Peace in the World
(Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)

[…] I arrived after more than twelve hours walking and sixty-five kilometers, a record in my pilgrimage that I had not planned to do, but it was necessary to catch on time the last ferry to Girne on the island of Cyprus. I was exhausted but the view of the Mediterranean Sea was comforting, I missed my homeland surrounded by those waters and just admiring them made me feel so close to my house even though separated by two thousand six hundred kilometers of roads. Mediterraneus means in the middle of the land, and in fact right in the heart of the ancient world was geographically located. But this small sea, more than geographically, is historically important, home of great men, philosophers and Saints, and I had walked there following the old footprints of these ancient and great civilizations. […]



The story of day 87 continues in the book




Gpx Track Day 87

Total distance: 40.73 mi
Max elevation: 968 ft
Min elevation: 11 ft
Total climbing: 4119 ft
Total descent: -4507 ft
Average speed: 1.60 m/s
Total time: 13:28:03

Photo and Video contents of Day 87 available on the e-book

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