Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 85 Yapinti

Departure: Sertavul Yaylasy (Turkey) – 08:31 am
Arrival: Yapinti
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 27,94 Km
Progressive km: 2516,8

Moving Time: 4h 59m
Elevation gain:  141 mt

In the book of life every page has two faces: we human beings fill the top with our plans, our hopes and our desires, but the Providence [of GOD] writes on the other side, and what it establishes is rarely our goal.
(Nizami Ganjavi)

[…] I would expected another day of rough climbing, but instead I soon found myself facing a completely downhill stage. As I walked, all I had to do was turn my head to my right to dive myself into a breathtaking panorama that gave me the idea that I was flying over those lands more than walking. The typical landscape that while using the best and most erudite words one is never really able to recount. Its idioms are made of smells, lights and emotions impossible to project into the minds of those who have not walked through those high places at least once in their lifetime. […]





The story of day 85 continues in the book






The breathtaking panorama of Mersin’s province

Gpx Track Day 85

Total distance: 17.5 mi
Max elevation: 4679 ft
Min elevation: 770 ft
Total climbing: 866 ft
Total descent: -4695 ft
Average speed: 1.58 m/s
Total time: 07:45:33

Photo and Video contents of Day 85 available on the e-book

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