Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 79 Bosna Hersek

Vegetables found along the road

Departure: Kadinhani (Turkey) – 08:57 am
Arrival: Bosna Hersek
Weather: Rainy/Snow
Distance of the day: 45,04 Km
Progressive km: 2322,5

Moving Time: 7h 53m
Elevation gain:  305 mt

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?
(Pirkei Avot 1, 14)

[…] It was about an hour before sunset when as I was walking I spotted a mosque not far from the road, painted in an unusual green that seemed to make it even more part of the farmland on the suburbs of Konia. From the outside it was easy to see that the Dokuz mosque was recently built, I washed myself as usual, put down my backpack at the entrance and took off my shoes. I went inside and kneeled in prayer, which was partly thanksgiving and partly meditation, I was preparing myself for the conclusion of another rich day of walking, very tired but extremely happy, few things in life make you feel better than this feeling. […]




The story of day 79 continues in the book




Gpx Track Day 79

Total distance: 28.16 mi
Max elevation: 4171 ft
Min elevation: 3597 ft
Total climbing: 1200 ft
Total descent: -1255 ft
Average speed: 1.61 m/s
Total time: 10:40:36

Photo and Video contents of Day 79 available on the e-book

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