Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 74

Departure: Kiliclar (Turkey) – 09:28 am
Arrival: Yarikkaya
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 30,93 Km
Progressive km: 2157,6

Moving Time: 5h 31m
Elevation gain:  229 mt

Take crooked speech away from yourself, and put devious lips far away from you. Let your eyes look forward, and let your eyelids look straight ahead of you.
(Book of Proversi 4, 24-25)



The story of day 74 continues in the book





Gpx Track Day 74

Total distance: 20.73 mi
Max elevation: 3215 ft
Min elevation: 2907 ft
Total climbing: 906 ft
Total descent: -887 ft
Average speed: 1.58 m/s
Total time: 08:10:12

Photo and Video contents of Day 74 available on the e-book

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