Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 73 Kiliclar

Departure: Cifteler (Turkey) – 09:22 am
Arrival: Kiliclar
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 36,98 Km
Progressive km: 2126,7

Moving Time: 6h 45m
Elevation gain:  338 mt

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind
(Albert Einstein)

[…] As soon as the very young Imam arrived, I greeted him cordially and, since we did not speak the same language, I handed him the usual piece of paper written for me in Turkish. Perhaps like never before I was confident of the positive outcome of my request, I had never met an Imam of my age, and solidarity seems to be more obvious among peers. Instead sadly, still while unfinished reading, I saw the religious disapproving by shaking his head. He gave me back that message and led me out of the mosque pointing out a direction with his finger, and letting me understand that in that direction I would have a chance to find shelter. I did not know exactly where he intended to address me, but the direction along the only paved road in the area was very clear. Moreover, due to the time and the immanent arrival of the twilight, I came to the conclusion that probably not far from there there was a structure or at least someone who could help me and so I thanked him and said goodbye. While I was walking I thought that perhaps, because of the recent construction of that mosque, there were still no suitable places in that structure to host me, and in any case, if not far away in the village there was another accommodation for me I would have gladly done a few more minutes of walking to reach it. But instead what I was about to discover immediately after that evening prayers made me sink into despair and disappointment. […]




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Gpx Track Day 73

Total distance: 23.64 mi
Max elevation: 3231 ft
Min elevation: 2848 ft
Total climbing: 1279 ft
Total descent: -1150 ft
Average speed: 1.55 m/s
Total time: 09:13:48

Photo and Video contents of Day 73 available on the e-book