Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 70 Eskisehir

Departure: Proyra (Turkey) – 08:23 am
Arrival: Eskisehir
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 27,30 Km
Progressive km: 2017,1

Moving Time: 4h 50m
Elevation gain:  164 mt

Only the wayfarer who has wandered in his infinite inner world will be able to approach the Soul, discovering that for years he has done nothing but look for it, because it is behind and within everything. Journeys are made to seek the Soul and people love each other as symbols of the Soul.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

On a pirate galleon, admiring a castle far away, really friendship and love make everything possible. Thanks to Halim and his family who I met just a few hours before and offered me a day of complete relaxation at the Eskisheir amusement park.




The story of day 70 continues in the book






Gpx Track Day 70

Total distance: 17.01 mi
Max elevation: 3081 ft
Min elevation: 2638 ft
Total climbing: 577 ft
Total descent: -968 ft
Average speed: 1.59 m/s
Total time: 05:55:08

Photo and Video contents of Day 70 available on the e-book

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