Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 45 Kavala

Departure: Podochori (Greece) – 06:24 pm
Arrival: Kavala
Weather: Sunny/Cloudy
Distance of the day: 42,08 Km
Progressive km: 1354,6

Moving Time: 8h 19m
Elevation gain: 444 mt

It is time now for us to rise from sleep.
(Benedict of Nursia)

A section of the Roman Road Egnatia that goes from Durres, Albania to Istanbul, Turkey. Here in Kavala I found the longest and most well-preserved portion of all four nations I travelled during my pilgrimage.




The story of day 45 continues in the book






Gpx Track Day 45

Total distance: 26.39 mi
Max elevation: 746 ft
Min elevation: 20 ft
Total climbing: 1775 ft
Total descent: -2481 ft
Average speed: 1.46 m/s
Total time: 12:35:11

Photo and Video contents of Day 45 available on the e-book

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