Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 41 Ouranoupoli

Departure:  Ag. Ioannis Prodromos – 09:04 am
Arrival: Ouranoupoli
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 32,24 Km
Progressive km: 1207,9

Moving Time: 5h 52m
Elevation gain:  503 mt

True morality consists not in following the beaten track, but in finding the true path for ourselves, and fearlessly following it.
(Mahatma Gandhi)

[…] I had almost left the Cholomontas mountains, when I found a detour through a small unpaved road mixed with sand that proceeded along a sharply downhill. From there I was catapulted into a territory that was anything but mountainous, in fact the path descended to the sea offering me a privileged view of the coastline that plunged into the sea, it was the peninsula of Mount Athos. A few minutes later my stick sank for the first time the soft sand of the beach of the mythological Aegean Sea. I was now only a few kilometers away from my last destination before my much desired two-day break, Uranopolis. […]


The story of day 41 continues in the book

Gpx Track Day 41

Total distance: 20.18 mi
Max elevation: 880 ft
Min elevation: -10 ft
Total climbing: 1907 ft
Total descent: -2344 ft
Average speed: 1.56 m/s
Total time: 08:23:05

Photo Day 41

Video Day 41

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