Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 19 Noci

Departure: Gioia del Colle – 10:18 am
Arrival: Noci
Weather: Cloudy
Distance of the day: 13,10 Km
Progressive km: 551,5

Moving Time: 2h 25m
Elevation gain:  115 mt

What was good, once corrupted becomes awful.
(Gregory the Great)

[…] Don Giulio Maria immediately took care of having me arrange in a room and invite me to the refectory where I could have a large buffet in complete tranquillity. It wasn’t lunchtime yet, but it seemed that the Biblical precepts and also the monastic rule of that order demanded the monk to show from the beginning all their empathy towards the needy. […]





The story of day 19 continues in the book




Gpx Track Day 19

Total distance: 8.1 mi
Max elevation: 1342 ft
Min elevation: 1139 ft
Total climbing: 420 ft
Total descent: -265 ft
Average speed: 1.55 m/s
Total time: 03:10:35


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