Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 18 Gioia del Colle

Departure: Matera – 9:47 am
Arrival: Gioia del Colle
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 35,28 Km
Progressive km: 538,4
Moving Time: 6h 49m
Elevation gain:  214 mt

The heavens are telling of the glory of GOD; And their expanse is declaring the work of His Hands.
(Psalm 19, 1)

I left the city alongside a delightful area that overlooks the canyon dug by the Gravina River and walked downhill towards the open countryside. I felt more and more determined and ready for the next experience overseas, the only thing on which I remained quite uncertain was about my tent. It had been more than ten days since I used it in Bojano, so those four extra kilos inside my backpack seemed like an unnecessary load in an increasingly meticulously organized backpack. So I reached out to my sister Alessandra hoping that just as she had advised me thr tent at the departure time, she would now suggest me to get rid of that useless equipment. I was more concerned about my legs than my feet, which were beginning to be proven by all those kilometers in series. […]



The story of day 18 continues in the book




Gpx Track Day 18

Total distance: 22.01 mi
Max elevation: 1358 ft
Min elevation: 1040 ft
Total climbing: 827 ft
Total descent: -978 ft
Average speed: 1.48 m/s
Total time: 08:22:28

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