Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 16 Gravina di Puglia

Countryside near Poggiorsini

Departure: Spinazzola – 07:24 am
Arrival: Gravina di Puglia
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day:  Km 38,99
Progressive km: 473,9

Moving Time: 7h 18m
Elevation gain:  389 mt

For we are strangers before You, and inhabitants like all our forefathers; as a shadow are our days on the earth
(1Cronicles 29, 15)

[…] In a short while I found myself sitting in a small living room in the presence of the loving elderly Sister Mafalda and her sisters. They asked me some legitimate, polite and never inopportune questions and I gladly told them about my pilgrimage. They, as true caring mothers, worried about me, while I tried to reassure them downplaying and smiling. […]

Gravina di Puglia



The story of day 16 continues in the book





Gpx Track Day 16

Total distance: 24.32 mi
Max elevation: 1529 ft
Min elevation: 1058 ft
Total climbing: 1829 ft
Total descent: -2031 ft
Average speed: 1.54 m/s
Total time: 11:11:39

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