Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 14 Venosa

A gorgeous old architecture

Departure: Barile – 09:58 am
Arrival: Venosa
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 17,85 Km
Progressive km: 404,5

Moving Time: 3h 34m
Elevation gain:  438 mt

As we expand our knowledge of good books, we shrink the circle of men whose company we appreciate.”
(Ludwig Feuerbach)

[…] Donato not only wanted to walk by my side for the whole day, but he also persuaded me with his eloquence to let him carry my backpack. Probably in the early days of my pilgrimage the emotional power was so great that I hadn’t absolutely considered that load on my shoulders as heavy, but once I got rid of it on that fourteenth day it seemed to me that I was hovering over those lands. Another thing that was equally incomprehensible for the reason I noticed it as the number of kilometres covered grew, the more the days passed and the more it seemed it to lighten, becoming more and more an integral part of me. […]

My room and my backpack




The story of day 14 continues in the book




Gpx Track Day 14

Total distance: 11.31 mi
Max elevation: 2070 ft
Min elevation: 1139 ft
Total climbing: 1592 ft
Total descent: -2205 ft
Average speed: 1.43 m/s
Total time: 04:01:11