Psalm 18, 32-33

33 GOD is He Who girds me with strength; and He makes my way perfect.
34 He makes my feet like hinds, and sets me upon my high places.



GOD fortifies believers, and makes the feet of those who have faith firm as the feet of stags in the mountains. King David as well as all consecrated people know by experience the strength that GOD infuses into the body and Spirit of His children, and also the ability to use this strength. This skill was like that of the deer, which can run and jump over the heights and rocky cliffs in the mountains without particular difficulty, doing what even the most skilled and strongest predator in the mountains is unable to do.

In this Psalm he also celebrated the way in which GOD, the LORD of hosts, helped him in war (as in 2Samuel 8). GOD gives strength to David, helping him to run fast and on a safe path (“makes my way perfect”… “feet like those of deer”), giving him the “shield of GOD’s salvation”. As a warrior David is aware of the power that the LORD grants him to make good triumph over evil, believers against those who do not believe and do not follow the Laws. Just as GOD gives David what he needed, physical strength and skill, likewise will always be given to those who trust in the Most High.

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