Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 10 S. Arcangelo Trimonte

Departure: Reino – 7:36 am
Arrival: S. Arcangelo Trimonte
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day:  Km 38,06
Progressive km: 275,6

Moving Time: 7h 03m
Elevation gain:  1.028 mt

Pray and hope, don’t be fretful. Agitation does not help anything. GOD is merciful and will listen to your prayer.
(Pio da Pietrelcina)

It is very relaxing to wake up and leave without having to rush to catch a train or a plane, and not having to worry about forgetting something, because everything you own is so little and yet barely indispensable. My home had shrunk over my shoulders, and my being had expanded into a circle that encompassed all creatures and all nature around me, as far as my eyes could reach to perceive so much beauty. Surrounded by the world and part of it, those memories of freedom and fulfillment had reset the old parameters within me, leading me back to my true being. The malware generated outside my body that over the years was threatening to compromise the normal balance of my operating system was being eliminated. […]




The story of day 10 continues in the book






Gpx Track Day 10

Total distance: 24.02 mi
Max elevation: 1600 ft
Min elevation: 450 ft
Total climbing: 4115 ft
Total descent: -4207 ft
Average speed: 1.56 m/s
Total time: 12:25:20

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