Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 9

Departure: Sepino – 8:06 am
Arrival: Reino
Weather: Rain / Sunny
Distance:  Km 33,85
Moving Time: 6h 18m
Elevation gain:  718mt

GOD gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

The day began with almost 45 minutes of morning praise, absolutely edifying, but honestly a bit long and burdensome as a moment of meditation and connection with GOD. But of course this is simply my opinion, after living so many different and edifying experiences in different ecclesiastical places around the world, I more and more believe that prayer should lead us much more towards a personal and introspective meditation, more silent and less schematic. However, I was honored to have been able to pray together with those already dear people in their intimate community, it is exactly this kind of confrontation that allows you to grow and shape the Spirit of believers, I was grateful to have been able to take part of it. […]




The story of day 9 continues in the book






Gpx Track Day 9

Total distance: 21.15 mi
Max elevation: 2341 ft
Min elevation: 1179 ft
Total climbing: 2860 ft
Total descent: -3894 ft
Average speed: 1.57 m/s
Total time: 09:13:41

Further informations about the track
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