Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 4 Rionero Sannitico

The famous bakery in Villetta Barrea

Departure: Villetta Barrea – 7:20 am
Arrival: Rionero Sannitico
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 29,1 Km
Progressive km: 115

Moving Time: 5h 29m
Elevation gain: 665 mt

I have placed the LORD before me constantly; because [He is] at my right hand, I will not falter.
(Psalm 16, 8)

The house in which I woke up on the fourth day had been a kind courtesy of Alessandro, my coetaneous of Villetta, who, considering what had happened the day before, granted me a cosy accommodation for the night. The house in the town center was uninhabited and not used for a long time because it belonged in the past to his grandmother, but I still remember how particularly comfortable that bed was. When I had the chance to fall asleep peacefully, it almost seemed to me that the accomplishments, and the beauties admired during the day of walking before bedtime, satisfied me more than usual, and even the memories became more clear. On a mattress, sleep takes on a more homogenous form, so to speak, allowing the unconscious to make you relive the past as if it is more current than the present, and the worry of having to walk another day when you wake up disappears. […]

Panoramic picture of the Mountain Spaccata’s Lake



The story of day 4 continues in the book



Gpx Track Day 4

Total distance: 18.63 mi
Max elevation: 3865 ft
Min elevation: 2688 ft
Total climbing: 3092 ft
Total descent: -2975 ft
Average speed: 1.57 m/s
Total time: 08:44:10

Videos Day 4


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