Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 91 Larnaca

Departure: Strovolos (Cyprus) – 08:49 am
Arrival: Larnaca
Weather: Sunny/Cloudy
Distance of the day: 49,51 Km
Progressive km: 2700,6

Moving Time: 8h 25m
Elevation gain:  264 mt

A righteous man falls down seven times and gets up.
(King Solomon – Proverbs 24, 16)

[…] I really was asking anybody, but no one seemed to know anything about a ship connecting Cyprus with the Holy Land. Yet in the past Cyprus and Israel’s major port and industrial center, Haifa, were well connected. So the only possible way of transport that would have allowed me to cross the sea would have been by plane, an unpleasant discovery for me, not so much for the cost as one might think because the price turned out to be absolutely modest, but for the change I would have had to make to my schedule. I would have had to abandon the idea of travelling the whole of Israel from North to South, from Haifa to Jerusalem, cancelling almost a hundred kilometers which for me corresponded to the first three or four days of walking in order to visit those lands that I considered the prelude to the Holy Land. […]




The story of day 91 continues in the book




Gpx Track Day 91

Total distance: 30.83 mi
Max elevation: 850 ft
Min elevation: -14 ft
Total climbing: 1085 ft
Total descent: -1666 ft
Average speed: 1.65 m/s
Total time: 11:30:11

Photo and Video contents of Day 91 available on the e-book

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