Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 64 Idealtepe

The nearly hidden entrance to the Monastery that hosted me, located at the foot of the Galata Tower.

Departure: Istanbul (Turkey) – 03:58 pm
Arrival: Idealtepe
Weather: Coudy/raining
Distance of the day: (Karakoy-Kadikoi by ferry) + 12,42 Km
Progressive km: 1816,1

Moving Time: 2h 04m
Elevation gain:  114 mt

Did He not find you an orphan and protect you? Did he not find you lost and guide you? Find you in need and made free from need? Therefore, do not oppress the orphans, and him who asks drive not away. Proclaim your Lord’s mercy.
(Quran 93, 6-11)

Blue Mosque dome decorations




The story of day 64 continues in the book






There were no bridges crossing the Bosphorus allowed to take on foot, so I had to board one of the many ferries that took me to the eastern part of Istanbul, Kadikoi.

Gpx Track Day 64

Total distance: 7.73 mi
Max elevation: 98 ft
Min elevation: -3 ft
Total climbing: 478 ft
Total descent: -448 ft
Average speed: 1.73 m/s
Total time: 02:15:51

Photo and Video contents of Day 64 available on the e-book

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