Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 52 Feres

Departure: Alexandroupoli (Greece) – 10:49 am
Arrival: Feres
Weather: Cloudy
Distance of the day: 28,70 Km
Progressive km: 1554,5

Moving Time: 5h 12m
Elevation gain: 136 mt

We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.
(Nelson Mandela)

The bread I found outside the church in Feres



The story of day 52 continues in the book





Gpx Track Day 52

Total distance: 17.83 mi
Max elevation: 197 ft
Min elevation: 10 ft
Total climbing: 606 ft
Total descent: -485 ft
Average speed: 1.58 m/s
Total time: 06:21:38

Photo and Video contents of Day 51 available on the e-book

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