Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 25 Librazhd

Departure: Elbasan – 11:29 am
Arrival: Librazhd
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 24,92 Km
Progressive km: 748,2

Moving Time: 4h 20m
Elevation gain: 321 mt

All teems with symbol; the wise man is the man who in any one thing can read another.

[…] I already got that far only counting on the generosity of others and the strength of my legs, the more I struggled and the more I scratched in my heart an absolute conviction of how close is today’s world to achieving the most important goal that mankind has ever reached, World’s Peace. […]

[…]Stepping on the old rounded stones of that Roman passage on the Shkumbin River for me was like walking on history books, and I felt so honored. But if in the past that bridge was only a link between two riverbanks, today it was also able to connect two eras, a peek into those two thousand years of history of the Via Egnatia. […]

The story of day 25 continues in the book

Gpx Track Day 25

Total distance: 15.45 mi
Max elevation: 915 ft
Min elevation: 405 ft
Total climbing: 1193 ft
Total descent: -858 ft
Average speed: 1.64 m/s
Total time: 06:38:03

Photo and Video contents of Day 25 available on the e-book

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