Pilgrimage makes one modest, you see what a small place you occupy in GOD’s creation.

The term self-discovery refers to a series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual matters or priorities, rather than following the opinions of family, friends or neighborhood.
But this inner trip can also turn into a real pilgrimage, in which crossing lands becomes less harder than traveling into an introspective journey inside his own Soul.

This soul searching is often associated with oriental meditation, but it is instead an integral part of all religions, especially in the Abrahamic ones where the patriarch Abraham is the first believer in the narrative of Genesis to leave the land of his fathers to go as a pilgrim in the direction that GOD promises to show him (Genesis 12, 1). Abraham in Hebrew means “father of many”, while the word “hebrew” etymologically comes from the word ivri (עברי), which means “to pass over” (from the root avar which means “to pass”), so this word identifies “he who passes”, “who wanders”, going from country to country, from nation to nation. “Ivri” became “hebrew” in English, coming from the ancient greek Ἑβρρος and the latin hebraeus, and in the plural form is ivrim, or ibrim.

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