Gospel according to Matthew
The Gospel according to Matthew is the first book of the New Testament of the Christian Canon and one of the three synoptic gospels. It tells of how Jesus, the Messiah of Israel, was rejected and executed by the Israeli authorities of his time. The Messiah pronounces a judgment on
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It is the longest chapter of the Quran and covers a wide variety of topics, including a considerable amount of laws and narratives. Biblical episodes include the story of Adam and the fallen Angel Satan, Abraham, Moses and other prophets and patriarchs. An important theme is the “Straight Path”, meaning
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What Egypt and the Song of the Sea represent
The sages of the Jewish tradition say that: “In all generations every person is obliged to consider themselves as if they had come out of Egypt”, and the Passover holiday is the commemoration of this “passage” towards freedom. In addition to traditional Jewish belief, Christians emphasize this liberation with the
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The Book of Tanya תניא: The collection of statements
The name Tanya תניא comes from Aramaic and means “what was taught”, this word is the first present in the Jewish mystical text Likkutei Amarim (ליקוטי אמרים “collection of statements”) written in 1797 by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad movement. Content Tanya deals with spirituality and
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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 22
Departure: Ostuni – 08:02 am Arrival: Brindisi Weather: Sunny Distance:  36,57 Km Moving Time: 6h 52m Elevation gain:  121 mt It is good, even in pursuing the best things, to proceed with calm and moderation. (Cicero)       The story of day 22 continues in the book    
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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 21
Departure: Alberobello – 06:55 am Arrival: Ostuni Weather: Sunny Distance:  32,73 Km Moving Time: 6h 01m Elevation gain:  278 mt Those who follow the path of truth do not stumble. (Mahatma Gandhi)       The story of day 21 continues in the book         Gpx Track
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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 20
Departure: Noci – 09:09 am Arrival: Alberobello Weather: Sunny Distance:  18,23 Km Moving Time: 3h 17m Elevation gain:  178 mt You not only have a glorious story to remember and recount, but a great story to build. Look into the future in which the Spirit is projecting you to still
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Abrahamic Religions

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