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Lies and liars: The invisible evil for the eyes
An invisible evil is always more difficult to defeat than one that is tangible, simply because of its diabolical way of camouflaging and hiding. In the frenetic everyday life of our days it is not easy to notice the roots of sin when they snake in the depths of the
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The Prince (Niccolò Macchiavelli)
A book from which anyone interested in history and political philosophy should refer in order to receive an overview of the political system of that time and consider its similarities with many ways of governing countries today. Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527) was
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Hereafter, resurrection, reincarnation: life of the believer after death
Time makes no distinction at all, sooner or later there will come a time for everyone to abandon the earthly condition that is life, to move into the Afterlife, the continuation of the existence after physical death but in a different form. One of the very few certainties that humanity
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Prophecies about the third and last Temple of Jerusalem
The Third Jerusalem Temple (בית המקדש השלישי Beit haMikdash haShlishi, or: “The Third Holy Dwelling”) is the sacred place that according to the prophecies will be rebuilt in Jerusalem after the past destruction of the First and Second Temple. A “Place of Prayer for everyone”, the “Eternal Palace” and a
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The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James (quotes)
William James (January 11, 1842 – August 26, 1910) was an American philosopher and psychologist, and the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States. James is considered to be a leading thinker of the late nineteenth century, one of the most influential philosophers of the United
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94 days

Cassino - Jerusalem

1826 Miles on foot

Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 8 Sepino
Departure: Bojano – 08:40 am Arrival: Sepino Weather: Sunny Distance of the day: 18,35 Km Progressive km: 203,6 Moving Time: 3h 24m Elevation gain: 491 mt “The most pleasant feeling? Inner peace The best welcome? A smile The best medicine? Optimism The greatest satisfaction? The duty accomplished The greatest strength?
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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 51 Alexandroupoli
Departure: Velkio (Greece) – 05:16 am Arrival: Alexandroupoli Weather: Cloudy Distance of the day: 34,20 Km Progressive km: 1525,8 Moving Time: 6h 28m Elevation gain: 352 mt If I take the wings of the morning and settle at the farthest limits of the sea, even there Your hand shall lead
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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 83 Karaman
Departure: Kazimkarabekir (Turkey) – 09:21 am Arrival: Karaman Weather: Sunny Distance of the day: 24,81 Km Progressive km: 2451,79 Moving Time: 4h 25m Elevation gain:  110 mt And whoever fears ALLAH, He will make for him a way out, 3 And will provide for him from where he does not
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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 19 Noci
Departure: Gioia del Colle – 10:18 am Arrival: Noci Weather: Cloudy Distance of the day: 13,10 Km Progressive km: 551,5 Moving Time: 2h 25m Elevation gain:  115 mt What was good, once corrupted becomes awful. (Gregory the Great) […] Don Giulio Maria immediately took care of having me arrange in
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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 62 Yesilkoi
Departure: Avcilar (Turkey) – 02:18 pm Arrival: Yesilkoi Weather: Sunny Distance of the day: 10,96 Km Progressive km: 1781,9 Moving Time: 2h 01m Elevation gain:  74 mt Do not be invasive, or you may be rejected, but do not also stand aloof or you will be forgotten. (Sirach 13, 10)
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