Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi, also called Judas the Prince

Yehudah HaNasi (in Hebrew: יהודה הנשיא Yehudah HaNasi) or Judah I, also known as Rabbi or Rabbenu HaQadosh (in Hebrew: רבנו הקדוש “our Master, the Saint”) (Judea, 135 – 188 or 219), was a wise Jewish rabbi who lived in the 2nd century and editor and publisher of the Mishnah.
Important leader of the Jewish community during the domination of Judea by the Romans, he started a phase of normalization of relations with Rome, being himself a friend of emperors (among the many hypotheses, that of Marcus Aurelius appears more realistic). Of Davidic descent on one side of his family tree, his name included the title nasi, meaning prince, used for the presidents of the Sanhedrin. Judas died on 15 Kislev in 188 e.v. or 219 e.v.

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