Bible studies

Bible studies by topics: The Bible is the World’s best-selling and printed Book today and at the same time the oldest. The term Bible comes from Latin Biblia simply means “books” “collection of books,” and includes (depending on the differents canons) around 72 Texts.

In this section we try to collect meaningful Bible passages archived in topics for evry situation and needs in life. GOD through the Sacred Scriptures offers us wisdom and hope in any moment of our lives, we only need to find the right Words for whatever situation we are facing, receiving the comfort, the assistance, and on top of all the Directions that the LORD always offer.

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Biblical Themes and Topics

A session divided by topic dedicated to themes reported in the Holy Scriptures to know what the Bible suggests on a variety of topics, difficulties, events and trials concerning our lives, our spirits, and our bodies.
Rediscover the Peace and Serenity that only the Word of GOD can give.


Strenght & Protection

Pace & Friendship

Holy Quran Witness to Biblical Authority

Messianic Era

Judgment Day

Trials & Tribulations

Worry & Anxiety


GOD’s Names

Orphans, Widow and Foreigner

Conversion of the wicked


The World

Beard and hair


Do not judge

Speak little

Sacrifices and Fasting

Satan and sin

Be Saints

Tattoos and incisions

Translations erronee

Vovs & consecrations to GOD

Eye for eye

Murder & death sentence

Newborn & babies