Muhammad (Maxime Rodinson)

maximerodinson_muhammadMaxime Rodinson’s Muhammad has long been regarded as one of the touchstones of scholarship on the founder of Islam. Thirty years after its first publication in English, it remains the definitive introduction to the Prophet’s life.Drawing on wide-ranging scholarship and imaginative insight into the Prophet’s personality, family, background, and wider society, Rodinson’s Muhammad offers a vivid account of how he spread the word of Islam, created a sect and state, and defeated his enemies, establishing the first great Muslim military power — a power that was soon to control territory stretching all the way from the Pyrenees to the borders of China.For anyone who wants to understand the historical roots of one of the world’s great religions, Rodinson’s Muhammad provides the ideal guide to a fascinating and timely subject.

Muhammad is a secular biography of the Islamic prophet Muhammad written by prominent French non-Muslim Islamic scholar Maxime Rodinson in 1961. It focuses on the Religious, Geographical and Political conditions of emergence of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.

In Egypt, in 1998, censorship controversies forced the American University in Cairo to stop publishing the book.


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