Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 22 Brindisi

Departure: Ostuni – 08:02 am
Arrival: Brindisi
Weather: Sunny
Distance of the day: 36,57 Km
Progressive km: 639

Moving Time: 6h 52m
Elevation gain:  121 mt

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.
(David Hume)

[…] I headed off to my final destination of the day. Now that I had made it to the coast, I preferred to reach the port of Brindisi without taking the internal road that I had walked from Ostuni. The sight of the sea effused in me that inner peace which I was nourished while walking. Brindisi would also have been my last stop in Italy after that I would have shipped to Durres, in Albania, where I would have followed the footsteps of the old pilgrimage route to the east, the Via Egnatia. […]




The story of day 22 continues in the book



Gpx Track Day 22

Total distance: 22.76 mi
Max elevation: 281 ft
Min elevation: -7 ft
Total climbing: 592 ft
Total descent: -813 ft
Average speed: 1.53 m/s
Total time: 09:19:27

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