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Archive | September, 2019

Cassian’s Spiritual Conferences: Learning from the experience of our ancestors

Jhon Cassian c. AD 360 – c. 435), also known as John the Ascetic and John Cassian the Roman (Latin: Ioannes Eremita Cassianus, Ioannus Cassianus, or Ioannes Massiliensis), was a Christian monk and theologian celebrated in both the Western and Eastern churches for his mystical writings. Cassian is noted for his role in bringing the ideas and practices  Full Article…


The Book of Secrets of Enoch

The Second Book of Enoch (abbreviated as “2Enoch” and also known as “Enoch’s Book of Secrets”), is a pseudepigraphic text in the apocalyptic genre dating back to the 1st century AD Describes the rise of Patriarch Enoch, Noah’s ancestor, through the different “stars” of Heaven. Also called Apocalypse of Enoch is an apocryphal of the  Full Article…


Psalm 82

1 [A song of Asaph[note a]] GOD stands in the congregation of GOD; He judgeth among the gods [mighty]. 2 How long will you judge unjustly and favor the wicked forever? 3 Judge the poor and orphan; justify the humble and the impoverished. 4 Release the poor and the needy; save [them] from the hands  Full Article…