Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 1 Picinisco

Cassino’s Valley: The ancient Gate of Rome

Departure: Cassino – 6:00 am
Arrival: Picinisco
Weather: Rainy
Distance of the day: 45,2 Km
Progressive km: 45,2

Moving Time: 8h 08m
Elevation gain: 1.344 mt

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go.”
(Joshua 1, 9)

On the way to Cardito

[…] “Peregrini enim sumus” means “we are all pilgrims”, we belong to transiting generations, coming from races of wayfarers and lineages of foreigners, because the earth belongs only to the Creator, and not to humankind. During this short journey that is living, we become aware that every soul in the body is temporary, and therefore committing the days we have available to accomplish something valuable is the only thing that makes sense the succession of our existences. But this quest involves the need to travel, to move through the lands in search of traces regard our past, but which will indeed be useful in our present for our future. Abraham is considered the first pilgrim to leave his family and homeland to follow his vocation, trusting only in the Divine Plan. The decision to undertake my pilgrimage occurred so naturally within me that it was a normal evolution of my questioning about existential issues that everyone at least once try to face, but few have the opportunity to deepen. So I began a long but natural preparation for the journey, in the belief that Providence must be embraced and not challenged. […]



Gpx Track Day 1

Total distance: 28.96 mi
Max elevation: 3076 ft
Min elevation: 272 ft
Total climbing: 4654 ft
Total descent: -2760 ft
Average speed: 1.63 m/s
Total time: 12:49:20

Videos Day 1

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