Aliyat haNefesh (definition)

Aliyat haNefesh is a sort of pilmigrage made usually on Shabbat day and Holy Days, when devotes marched with Torah Jewish people sing a verse from Tanach: “Ki mitziyon tetzei Torah, u’dvar ADONAI mirushalayim” (“From out of Zion comes forth Torah and the word of GOD from Jerusalem”). Purposely placed in the middle of the prayer service, this song trumpets the Jewish reality: that on some cosmic (metaphysical) level, they are all connected as Jews to Zion, to Israel, by an unseen umbilical cord. As Jews are called from deep within to reconnect to the womb (GOD and the Laws).

A soul-driven aliyah places love for Israel near the center of Jews lives. Aliyat hanefesh could be expressed by visits for study and/or for vacations.

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