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Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 6

16 September 2017 Departure: Castelpetroso – 11:29 am Arrival: Heremitage of Saint’Egidio Weather: Sunny Distance: 28,8 Km Moving Time: 5h 08m Elevation gain: 886 mt I woke up pretty late, feeling really refreshed by the good food and reinvigorated by the warm water of the shower which, after only six days away from home, seemed  Full Article…


Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 5

15 September 2017 Departure: Rionero Sannitico – 5:00 am Arrival: Castelpetroso Weather: Sunny Distance: 32,0 Km Moving Time: 5h 59m Elevation gain: 718 mt The night was quite busy. The ground, even if I had placed my mat on long, soft grass, soon turned out to be damp and uncomfortable. Moreover, whenever I made a  Full Article…