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Bible Septuaginta (LXX) Interlinear
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Earliest Christian communities

The Early Church used the Old Testament, namely the Septuagint (LXX, in Roman’s numbers means “Seventeen” from the tradition of the 72 copists that first transalted in Alexandria of Egypt the TaNaKh from Hebrew to Greek language) among Greek speakers, with a canon perhaps as found in the Bryennios List or Melito’s canon. The Apostles did not otherwise leave a defined set of new scriptures; instead, the New Testament developed over time.

Marcion of Sinope was the first Christian leader in recorded history (though later considered heretical) to propose and delineate a uniquely Christian canon (ca. AD 140). This included 10 epistles from St. Paul, as well as a version of the Gospel of Luke, which today is known as the Gospel of Marcion. In so doing, he established a particular way of looking at religious texts that persists in Christian thought today.

New Testament List

  • Gospels:
    • Gospel according to Matthew
    • Gospel according to Mark
    • Gospel according to Luke
    • Gospel according to John
  • Acts of the Apostles
  • Apostolic Letters (also called Epistles):
    • Letter (or Epistle) to Romans
    • 1st Letter to Corinthians
    • 2nd Letter to Corinthians
    • Letter to Galatians
    • Letter to Ephesians
    • Letter to Philipians
    • Letter to Colossians
    • 1st Letter to Thessalonians
    • 2nd Letter to Thessalonians
    • 1st Letter to Timothy
    • 2nd Letter to Timothy
    • Letter to Titus
    • Letter to Philemon
    • Letter to Hebrews
  • Catholic Letters (or Epistles):
    • Letter (or Epistle) to James
    • 1st Letter to Peter
    • 2nd Letter to Peter
    • 1st Letter to John
    • 2nd Letter to John
    • 3rd Letter to John
    • Letter to Jude
  • Revelation


Apocryphal Scriptures

ASH suggests always seeking its own personal interpretation of Sacred Texts. Unintentional 
translation errors, and conscious tampering of the Writings, have been used too often to 
modify the Texts and control the thought of the masses. There are many reliable links on 
the web where you can find interlinear translations of the Texts in the original language. 
However, the web have to be used sparingly and only in support of the studies, but we still thank 
everyone who makes available their knowledge to the community.

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