Holy Scriptures

Holy Scriptures (or Religious Texts; Holy Writ; or Holy Books) are the Texts which various Religious traditions consider to be Sacred, or central to their Religious Tradition. Many Religions and Spiritual movements stands that their Sacred Texts are Divinely revealed or inspired.

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The three Abrahamic Religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims) shares mostly of the Holy Books, having in common not only the origin from the Patriarch Abraham, but also most of the writing traditions.

The Bible is the most translated Book in the World and since the numerous language passages with the resulting different interpretations (and also with intentional and not alterations of the original meaning), in this session ASH proposes an interlinear translation of the Sacred Texts (recalling that the languages Semitic, Jewish, Aramaic, Arabic, etc are read from right to left).

In this way, every student, even with modest knowledge of traditional languages, can understand how ASH has come to his own reading key.


Hebrew Canon  –  TaNaKh  –  Talmud  –  Mishnah  –  Apocrypha

Christian Canon  –  Septuagint  –  Vulgate  – Apocrypha

Islamic Canon  –  Qu’ran  –  Hadith

ASH suggests always seeking its own personal interpretation of Sacred Texts. Unintentional 
translation errors, and conscious tampering of the Writings, have been used too often to 
modify the Texts and control the thought of the masses. There are many reliable links on 
the web where you can find interlinear translations of the Texts in the original language. 
However, the web have to be used sparingly and only in support of the studies, but we still thank 
everyone who makes available their knowledge to the community.

Bible Hebrew Interlinear (OT)  Thanks to scriptures4all.org

Bible Hebrew-English  Thanks to chabad.org

Bible Septuaginta LXX Old Greek-English  Thanks to biblehub.com

Bible Vulgate Latin-English  Thanks to vulgate.org

Holy Quran Arab-English  Thanks to quranful.com

Holy Quran Trasliterated-Arab-English  Thanks to corpus.quran.com











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