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Jew Nobel Prize percentage

Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 900 individuals, of whom at least 20% were Jews, although the Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the world’s population. Jews have been recipients of all six awards. The first Jewish recipient, Adolf von Baeyer, was awarded the prize in Chemistry in 1905. As of 2018, the  Full Article…


Jewish and Christian Passover: Origins and differences

Two sister religions, such as Judaism and Christianity, could not have two divergent traditions among their most important holyday. The Passover celebrates the passage (Hebrew פסח; Greek pascha; Aramaic pasah or “pass over”) from the condition of slavery in Egypt to the freedom in the Promised Land, while the Christian commemorate the passage from death  Full Article…


Philosophy: The Love for Wisdom

Philosophy derives from the Greek word φιλοσοφία “philosophia”, literally “love of Knowledge” or “love of Wisdom”. Today it mainly refers to the study of general and fundamental questions especially about GOD, life, afterlife, existence, wisdom, values, reason, mind. However traditionally the meaning of this knowledge encompassed the entire hemisphere of understanding, including both Theology and  Full Article…