Abrahamic Religions: Similarity & Comparision

Abrahamic Religions counts 3.4 billion believers in today’s World (more then 50% of the entire population) and are spread widely around the World apart from the regions around East and Southeast Asia.

Those monotheistic religions of West Asian origin, emphasizing and tracing their common origin to the Patriarch Abraham and mostrly of their Holy Scriptures and beliefs in common. The largest Abrahamic religions in chronological order of founding are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


ASH Similarity & Comparison Scheme PDF



More Relevant Comparision

Judaism Christianity Islam
Date Founded unknown c. 100 CE 622 CE
Place Founded Palestine Palestine-Rome Saudi Arabia
Ideologue Abraham-Moses Jesus Mohammad
Original language/s Hebrew Aramaic-Greek Arabic
Espansione Originally expansion mostly confined to Palestine Within 60 years, churches in major cities (Palestine, Turkey, Greece), by the end of 4th Cent. in the entire Roman Empire Within 12 years, entire Arabian Peninsula, within 100 years, Muslims world stretched from the Atlantic to Cina
Major splits Orthodox/Conservative/Reform(Liberal-Progressive) Roman Catholic/OrtodoxChurch/





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