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Plural Maiestatis (definition)

In Latin Plural Maiestatis or majestic plural, pluralis maiestatis is also known in English as Royal We. Is the use of a plural pronoun (or corresponding plural-inflected verb forms) to refer to a single person who is in a supreme position (lik a King or Monarch). The more general word for the use of a  Full Article…


Canonical (definition)

Canonical adjective [noun] (from the Greek κανών, kanón, “rule”) belonging to a particular canon of reference. 1 Conforms to the rule, to tradition. Synonyms: authorized, accepted, approved, recognized. For example: follow the canonical procedure. 2 In conformity with the canons of the Catholic Church: canon law. 3 Referred to a Sacred Text, included in the  Full Article…


Mary mother of Jesus: Quoted more times in the Quran than the New Testament

Mary (in Hebrew: מרים, Myrhiàm; Aramaic: Maryām; Greek: Μαριάμ Mariam, Μαρία / Μαρίη María; Arabic: مريم, Maryam), also called Mary of Nazareth, is the virgin mother of Jesus. Venerated both by Christians (for the Orthodox, Θεοτόκος Theotókos), its sanctity is however also recognized by the Anglican Communion, the Protestant confessions (Lutheran), but also substantially in  Full Article…


Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 4

13-14 September 2017 Departure: Villetta Barrea – 7:20 am Arrival: Rionero Sannitico Weather: Sunny Distance: 29,1 Km Moving Time: 5h 29m Elevation gain: 665 mt The house where I woke up in the fourth day, it hadn’t been used for a long time, but that bed was really comfortable. On a mattress you move less,  Full Article…


Tratturo Regio: The drovers’ road Pescasseroli-Candela

The Tratturo Regio Pescasseroli-Candela was a drovers’ road used by shepherds to move large flocks of sheep to southern Italy (transhumance). mostly hilly and mountainous routes of the Apennines up to the winter in the southernmost coastal plains of Puglia. Definition and etymology The tratturo by definition is a wide path with a natural background  Full Article…


Cassino – Jerusalem: Day 3

12 September 2017 Departure: Canneto – 7:57 am Arrival: Villetta Barrea Weather: Sunny Distance: 28,2 Km Moving Time: 5h 53m Elevation gain: 984 mt As a consequence of the few kilometers I made the day before because of the rain, I started my third day of walking towards the Holy City in the best way  Full Article…